That’s BS for “Blue Sombrero.”

As I scour and examine regional websites, I find many common mistakes and shortcomings of AYSO Region websites. Most are just honest mistakes that the end user neither has time nor the expertise to complete for their region. Let’s face it, we are all volunteers and many people don’t possess the skills to create websites or HTML code or understand Blue Sombrero enoough to use it. Some have disengaged from Blue Sombrero and simply used Facebook or Twitter to communicate with their region. I have even seen some regions using the old Shutterfly sites still. But to have an effective website, and since everything is pointing now from your main URL, the game has not gotten simpler!

Here are some common regional website mistakes that I have found in the last couple of years.

(click on the photos for larger images)

1. Images don’t fill the required space

AYSO Region 117










2. Information missing completely

AYSO Referees






3. Information out of date







4. Board member listings with NO contact information or email links that won’t work










5. Too many links to the national website that many no longer work









6. Missing Region logo and information (many of them don’t even list their city)









Actual Google Search …. Where are they?

No city listed






I am in no way connected to or affiliated to Blue Sombrero Company of Atlanta, GA. Nor Am I affiliated with it’s parent partner, Dick’s Sporting Goods.
I am merely a web designer helping AYSO Regions navigate and take charge of the Blue Sombrero formatted FREE website.