A Couple Low Priced,  Regional Packages to Choose From! 

GOLD Package 


Up to 8 image adds/changes per month
Up to 4 page creations per month
Up to 8 website edits per month
Up to 4 Banner Creation/Changes a Year
No Email Forwarding
1 Email Blast Per Month
No Announcements
Up to 10 Changes to Schedules
Unlimited image adds/changes per month
Regional Calendar Updates
Unlimited Page Creations
Unlimited Regional Website Changes
10 Banner Creation/Changes a Year
Unlimited Email Forwarding
Unlimited Targeted Email Blasts Per Month
Unlimited Changes to Schedules
Unlimited Changes to Announcements
Unlimited Sponsor Changes
FREE Assistance to Your Board Members

 $9.99 a month

*first three months payable in advance

 $14.99 a month

*first three months payable in advance

Region checks accepted and PayPal with proper information




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I am merely a web designer helping AYSO Regions navigate and take charge of the Blue Sombrero formatted FREE website.